21 april 2017

Norman Baker: The Truth is out there

Norman Baker, former Liberal Democrat MP and Minister of State for the Home Office, is interviewed by Clark French, medicinal cannabis user and founding member of the United Patients Alliance for Cannabis News Network in this video. They discuss current UK drug policy and its failure to meet the needs of medicinal cannabis users, and what needs to change.

Were it not for Norman Baker, the truth on the UK’s failing drug policy would never have been published. Conservatives tried to sweep it under the carpet, but thanks to Norman, the truth is out there.

For over 43 years, there had been no independent review of drug policy in the UK. Until 2014, when Norman Baker (former Liberal Democrat MP) forced the publication of the “Drugs: international comparators” report.

Clark French, a medicinal cannabis patient from the UK and Director for the United Patients Alliance, sat down with Norman Baker for an interview.

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by Scarlet Palmer  Cannabis Videos
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