13 december 2016

You’ve Chosen : Food Bank

In stead of giving away plastic bags for every single joint, we sell cones to recycle.

We notice a huge decline in trash on the streets around the shops.

We sell the best quality cones possible, so there’s a charge of 1€ a cone. That’s a little over cost price for us.
We’re not looking to make money on this, so we gave you an opportunity to choose a charity for the profits.

There were 3 options and you’ve chose the following

  1. Food Bank Amsterdam 53%
  2. Johan Cruyff Foundation 32%
  3. Red Cross 15%

So FOOD BANK AMSTERDAM it’s going to be!

Congratulations to them and thank you all for showing your love for your fellow Amsterdam people.

Somewhere in the beginning of 2017 we’ll announce the amount on the cheque and bring it over


Thanks Again & Much Love,


your Best Friends

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