When shouldn't i smoke weed
29 december 2019

When is smoking cannabis not advisable?

Smoking cannabis has psychotic and physical effects on the body, so in some cases it is strongly discouraged. This can be, for example, due to physical complaints or if someone is sensitive to addiction. Also during some daily activities it is not recommended.

Paranoid and anxious

Studies have shown us that cannabis can cause certain anxieties. This is due to the active substance THC this substance is a psychic substance that can have multiple effects on the brain. Therefore, THC can cause you to see things that aren’t there, which can make you anxious or paranoid. So, if you know that you are anxious, we do not recommend smoking to much cannabis. Paranoia runs often already in the family cannabis can amplify or produce this. Too much use of cannabis can cause you to have bad experiences or become anxious. These thoughts or experiences can stay with you and can be unpleasant for the person.

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Regular or long-term use of cannabis during pregnancy can affect the development of the unborn child. Tobacco is also very bad for the child. The THC can also end up in the mother’s milk, so the newborn baby can also suffer from it. That is why the use of cannabis during and after pregnancy is not recommended.


In combination with other drugs

Combining cannabis use with other drugs is strongly discouraged. Cannabis can enhance the effects of other drugs and vice versa. It is therefore very dangerous to do so because you don’t know how your body will react to it. Using cannabis with alcohol is also unwise because it can quickly make you nauseous and can cause you to lose your balance and become anxious yourself. Often you can also get headache and in the worst case you can pass out.

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If you are going to drive

For road users there is a legal limit for cannabis of 3.0 micrograms of THC per litre of blood. No exception is made for medicinal use. THC remains in the body for a long time, so the limit is quickly exceeded. That’s why you can be fined quickly, but the real reason why it is strongly discouraged is that it reduces your ability to react. This can have many consequences on the choices you make in traffic. You are also less attentive and can’t focus as well read more oven HERE.


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If you are already addicted to smoking or alcohol

If you are already addicted to alcohol or tobacco, smoking cannabis is not a very good idea because you can quickly become addicted to cannabis too. Cannabis generally makes you feel very happy and physically very nice and relaxed. Cannabis is also easily available in coffee shops, so consuming it is easy and doesn’t cost much. For someone who is sensitive to addiction, this quickly becomes a habit that can take place every day. Once you are addicted you may become lazy and forget things in the short term.

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People with lung or heart problems

Smoking cannabis causes a lot of damage to the lungs, especially if you do it in combination with tobacco. However, you can consume cannabis in “healthier” ways. This is different for heart problems because these people often have blood pressure problems and cannabis use causes the blood pressure to drop. Because of this the problems can become much bigger and even life-threatening depending on human condition.


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