6 juli 2021

Weed of Wonder: The Book

Explore the world of Cannabis in the book Weed of Wonder, a comprehensive illustrated guide to the history of Cannabis.

Seasoned Cannabis champions, curious newbies, counterculture aficionados, hemp historians, and anyone wanting to discover why Cannabis history is their history, will all enjoy this book.

The Cannabis plant has long been one of humanity’s strongest allies, providing us with strong fibres, nutritious seeds and mind-expanding drugs. As we now experience a watershed moment following a century of prohibition-induced darkness, governmental misguidance, and the intentional spreading of misinformation, Weed of Wonder is a long-overdue and timely contribution to our enlightenment.

This beautiful book showcases unique items from the extensive collections of the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam and Barcelona, using them to illustrate the story of the Cannabis plant and the many useful products derived from it.

Weed of Wonder highlights the lengthy and multi-faceted symbiosis between the Cannabis plant and human cultures, following the convoluted history of the plant through constantly changing times, and projecting its value into our collective future.

This thoroughly researched and well-written tome presents a myriad of fascinating facts that will prove useful to all who enjoy it and wish to further the cannabis cause.

Through the unceasing efforts of museum founder Ben Dronkers to normalize the Cannabis plant, supported by his family, friends and the boundless energy of the museum staff, their persistent efforts have finally blossomed and borne fruit. Truth wins and ‘Mother Cannabis’ will certainly approve!”


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Thanks to our friends @
Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Written by
Robert C. Clarke


20 januari 2020

Parool: Amsterdam is Growing

Amsterdam is still a seemingly never-ending success story. The city is flourishing, and many of its less attractive aspects, like empty retail properties, air pollution, and burglaries, are in decline.