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2 februari 2020

Weed 101- The Differences Of Indica & Sativa

Today we’re talking fundamentals of cannabis and the effects that come with ‘em, so that you’re 100% sure you’re buying the strain you need. The society distinguishes between the psychoactive effects of cannabis indica and sativa, the effects would sometimes even be opposite. Sativa is often described as mentally stimulating and energetic, while indica is described as relaxing and calming. Sativa and Indica are two separate sides within the cannabis family. They exhibit different growth characteristics, highs and medicinal effects. Understanding the differences can be important when choosing a strain as a medicinal user. So let’s begin Friends!

Sativa VS. Indica – Characteristics

At the chemical level, Indica and Sativa species differ from each other with respect to their cannabinoid content, as well as the balance of phytochemical components, such as terpenes and flavonoids. Sativa species usually have a high THC content and a low CBD content. Indica land species, on the other hand, have a lower THC content and a slightly higher CBD content. But by growing both Indica and Sativa species have varying THC:CBD cannabinoid concentrations.
In general, the effect of Sativa strains can be described as a strong and uplifting cognitive high, while Indicas tend to produce a more body orientated, stoned effect. Although THC and CBD play a significant role in producing the effect, other natural compounds are also important in producing these characteristic effects. Cannabis, for example, contains more than 120 different terpenes. The concentration and balance of these substances has a major influence on the high that a particular species produces.
After THC, CBD is the most common and important cannabinoid naturally occurring in cannabis; and CBD not only has medicinal value, it also changes the way THC acts on the body, modulating and mitigating the effect of THC. In general, due to the natural variations in plant chemistry, it can be said that Sativa acts on the mind and Indica on the body.sativa & indica

Hybrid species are combinations of both Sativa and Indica species and have been grown to combine properties. There is no general list of medicinal properties of hybrid cannabis strains, as they can be grown in many different ways. However, generally speaking, most medicinal users benefit most from a CBD-rich Sativa or Indica-dominated strain. Also click here to see the top five indica and sativa strains!

Sativa VS. Indica – The difference in growth

Although most medical users will be mainly interested in the medicinal effects, it may be practical to know something about the growth characteristics.

Sativa growth Characteristics

Sativa species tend to get high, often towering above 1-3 meters, and outdoors they can even reach 5 meters. Sativa species have the tendency to become long and thin, but can also develop as a shrub if you don’t prune them. Thanks to the longer flowering period, they are well suited for outdoor cultivation.

Indica growth Characteristics

Indica cannabis strains have a tendency to become shorter and bushier. Their leaves are thick and dark green in colour, this is due to the higher chlorophyll content. Indicas produce heavy and striking buds and a yield that is usually greater than that of a Sativa. They also have a shorter flowering period than Sativas, which is why they are often chosen for indoor growing.Weed

This is all the information you need to understand the benefits of cannabis and where it could help. Of course there is a lot more information for each strain, but to keep it simple and clear, this is all you need!

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