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25 juni 2018

Tipping Point in France

25th of June 2018

Two weeks ago a few  CBD stores opened doors in France. Many french stood in lines for hours to sell some of their products. It shows how much the french people a craving for an easy way to buy cannabis related products. A recent poll showed that 51% of the inhabitants are pro legalisation

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CBD Stores can clear a path for a new policy

For the first time in history the majority of the French people are pro legalisation. They want a change in policy, because you can still receive huge fines for holding a little cannabis, let alone selling it or growing some. The weird thing is; The French are amongst the top cannabis consumers. Luckily for our southern friends, President Macron is New School, and shooting for legislation.

Just a few weeks ago, in Paris, a CBD store opened up shop. While they’re not selling THC-products, it’s still a sign on the wall. Times are changing in France. Macron made it possible with some some new amendments. Of course it turned out to be a huge hit and long lines of customers appeared.

Prohibition and Repression won’t do the job

We’ve learned from the ‘Les Francais et le Cannabis’-Poll, that the tipping point is here. 51% of the French is for legalisation and 40% is against it. 9% isn’t really sure. People are now seeing that the policy of prohibition just doesn’t work. It doesn’t stop the consumption and it most certainly doesn’t help out with the health issues.

Every year about a 145.000 cannabis related arrests are made, mostly for possession and smoking weed in public. These people are receiving penalties from about 3500 euro till one year in prison, even though prison time nowadays is rarely given.

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Legal weed money to healthcare

In the poll the French are also asked about what legalisation should look like in their opinion. It showes that when the tax incomes are being used voor financing the French healthcare, 72% is OK with legal weed. Furthermore 42% says drug trafficking and smuggling has to be taking care of and 38% thinks that the people have to be educated about drugs and the use of cannabis.

The 3 main reasons to legalise recreational cannabis are according to the parcippiants;

  1. Make money 72%
  2. Improve the quality of the product 70%
  3. Fight crime 61%

economic benefits cannabis dollars weedmoney weed moneyThese percentages are showed when talking about recreational cannabis. When asked about medicinal cannabis, 82% is in favor and 62% even for all sorts and forms of medicinal cannabis. (Weed, Extracts, Oils and Pills). Also 56% thinks that medicinal cannabis should fall under the list of insured medication. Sad thing is that up ’till now the first medicine based on cannabis has yet to show up.

All and all things are moving up and the people of France are starting to move along with the worldwide movement.

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