17 februari 2021

The National Cannabis Newspaper

De Nationale Cannabis Krant (The National Cannabis Newspaper) has been published. (9/2/2021).You can read the newspaper (pdf) online. Until the elections, the free newspaper is also available in print. The aim of the newspaper is to get as many cannabis consumers as possible to the polls on March 17.

The 20-page newspaper is free of advertisements and contains articles, columns, reports, an interview with member of parliament Vera Bergkamp (D66), recipes, growing tips, an English Reader Section, an overview of the political parties’ positions on cannabis and a crossword puzzle.

One of the questions Vera Bergkamp answers is whether she also believes that there should be a regulation for home cultivation of a limited number of plants for personal consumption. About this she says: “It is now tolerated that people grow five plants. I would like to see that it is no longer punishable. This point is still on my to-do list.”

With De Nationale Cannabis Krant (The National Cannabis Newspaper), the foundation Association for the abolition of the Cannabis Prohibition (VOC) tries on the one hand to put the abuses concerning cannabis higher on the political agenda and on the other hand, to get as many cannabis consumers as possible to vote in the national elections in a cannabis friendly way. An election poster, designed by Mossy Giant, with the slogan “Give the plant your vote” will be displayed on the middle pages. This poster is also distributed separately to all Dutch coffeeshops.

In a reaction, the chairman of the VOC foundation, Derrick Bergman, said: “This paper and the whole campaign towards the elections shows the power of cooperation. We all have one goal: the plant out of criminal law.

The National Cannabis Newspaper is a publication of the VOC Foundation in cooperation with the Society and Cannabis Foundation, creators of the Cannabis Voter Guide and the new Cannabis Voter Guide and with the national coffeeshop unions PCN and BCD.

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