1 september 2021

Ten myths about cannabis

10 false myths surrounding cannabis! There are a lot of myths, both urban and otherwise, surrounding cannabis, and not all of them paint a rosy picture. This is a shame, as this is not the 1950s and, frankly, so many of these myths are just a rehash, pun intended, of myths that go back years, comments made about cannabis that weren’t true then and which still aren’t true today.

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15 maart 2017

What’s up in Berlin?

In Germany, following on from Bremen, Berlin has now decided to relax what is in any case its relatively liberal cannabis policy, compared to the national policy, making it the second federal state within six months to do so. Politicians would at last like to regulate trade in cases of possession of up to 15 grams of cannabis, which involves merely a written warning and no fine.

De Nachtwacht
24 juni 2021

The Night Watch made of hemp?

Many famous paintings such as Rembrandt van Rijn’s Nachtwacht were painted on canvases made of hemp. In fact, the word canvas even comes from the word cannabis. The strength and...