15 maart 2017

Stop the Hatred and be Best Friends!

It’s election day in Holland and as always the politicians are fighting for exposure. Many of them are throwing one hardliner after the other to reach the people. Whether they hurt people with their lines or polarise the people, is of minor importance. As long as they’re heard and their face is on the news.

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Best Friends is looking at it and sees how some people are pushed aside to pull the last voters. We live in Amsterdam and that’s the worlds most multiculti city in the world…. And we’re proud of it! That people are trying to push a wedge between different nationalities is something we want to vote against. We’re lucky we’re born in this beautiful city, but that doesn’t make us any better than someone who’s born elsewhere. So don’t believe the negative hype! It hurts us to see the developments around the Turkish/Dutch issue. People are talking about other people like they’re the worst because they were born elsewhere. Short-sited and narrow-minded.

Don’t they see we’ve only got each other to make the most of this world? Nobody can help where he or she is born. We’re so lucky to have met the most fantastic souls from everywhere around the world. It doesn’t matter one bit, you have beautiful people everywhere. So putting aside groups of people because of their skin-color or nationality only makes your world small. We can tell you the Turkish people in Amsterdam are beautiful, like the Maroccan, like the Dutch and like te people that have blood from another place. It doesn’t matter where you are from, by far the most people are good people.

So let positivity and friendship prevail over nationalism, populism and hatred.

We’re all created equal and we have love for everyone who contributes to a better world. And we’re not walking away from people who need a little help. ┬áThat’s what Amsterdam stands for and what the world should always stand for!

beste wiet in amsterdam

Vote like a Amsterdammer and for a party that rules no one out!

You can see our advise HERE, but make your own choice. Choose for cohesion in stead of polarization.

One Love,

Best Friends Amsterdam

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