14 maart 2017

Stem Groen vandaag. Breng je stem uit!

( For all the Dutchies! )

It’s an exciting time in Holland for all of us Cannabis Lovers. Regulating Cannabis has never been a bigger issue here.

Voting today will tell us a lot about the future. It’s probably going to be either Good or Bad for us.

  • The PVV, CU, SGP & CDA want to get rid of our policy and punish everyone who smokes a doobie – Modern Dutch Prohibition . Well that’ll probably work out beautiful like always…. Not!
  • Others like OP & VVD don’t really know what to do yet. They’ll probably go with the wind. So if they’ll have the opportunity to rule with the PVV or CDA, it’s probably going towards ground zero.
  • Than the good news: A little over 50% of the Parties are in favor of some kind of regulation. That percentage has never been this high.

Taking all the different parties government plans, and sizes in account, we advise you to take this chance and vote green:

Best Friends top 5:

  1. D66
  2. PvdA
  3. Groen Links
  4. SP
  5. Piraten Partij

Today we vote and though there are a lot of important issues in Holland, we hope you’ll take our advise with you in the voting booth.

Thank you


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