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27 mei 2020

Spacecake Best Friends: Happy Cake

Happy Cake

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To smoke or not to smoke, a question asked by the many interested in trying weed. A lot of people are put off by having to smoke to get high. Luckily, inhaling is not the only way to gain the effect of weed, you can also ingest. Because of ingestion, eating cannabis products is experienced differently than the smoking variants. The experience is more potent and lasts longer. 

Cake with weed in?

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The taste of weed is not the greatest, rather plant like when eaten, so our bakers got creative and produced a great tasting vegan cupcake and brownie. Today we will highlight the Best Friends edible: The Happy Cake.

 The Cakes come with a layer of different flavours of chocolate, namely dark, white, strawberry and banana chocolate. And to top it off it has a special and delicious Best Friends chocolate logo! The base cake and brownie for our Happy Cakes are entirely vegan, you can buy Happy Cakes without chocolate if you happen to follow a vegan diet.

How about the effect?

spacecakes coffeeshop best friends

 We’ve talked about flavour, but what about effect? Other than the flavour being incredibly moorish, this cake packs quite the punch. It holds 0.6 grams, which is an equal amount of weed as two of our pre-rolled tobacco joints. Eating one cake would be the equivalent of smoking two joints. We can highly advise first time eaters to share it with one or two of their best friends. Dosing with edibles is much harder than with joints. If you smoke a joint the effect is almost instant whereas eating a cake can take one and a half to two hours. Not only is the initial high delayed, when it hits it stays around longer to. The high (depending on the amount eaten) can take from up to 2 to 5 hours.

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Advice given is often: Don’t be impatient! Don’t eat more if you think it doesn’t work, one will regret eating the third slice when they all hit at once. In the end cakes are meant for a certain goal, the goal in this case being to find a good long lasting high without having to inhale a sliver of smoke.

Are you interested in our cakes? Then visit any of our establishments in the East, South and Centre of Amsterdam!

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Peije Steinz