6 juli 2016

Sensi Seeds Art Competition

A few weeks ago Sensiseeds announced the launch of an exciting new competition. The Sensi Seeds Cannabis Art Contest celebrates the connection between art and cannabis. With less than 10 days to go until the opportunity to submit your entries ends, here is a reminder of what we are looking for, when you can vote, and the great prizes you could win!

The connection between cannabis, creativity and street art is a long-established one, reaching back to the 1970s when graffiti began. More recent scientific research has shown that there are actual physiological reasons for this. The combination of these two stories makes for interesting reading, and is explored in our articleCannabis And Street Art.




Sensi Seeds Cannabis Art Contest – seeking talent, originality and diversity

Sensi Seeds has some very creative friends and fans in all sorts of areas. This time, they are inviting the ones who are inspired to make visual art, specifically graffiti and street art, to share their work with them and the rest of the Sensi Seeds audience. There have been many fantastic submissions to the art contest so far! They look forward to sharing them with you at a later date. Accompanying this article you can see a collage of some of them to give their readers an impression. Talent, originality and diversity are all present, and demonstrated in a variety of different mediums. It’s going to be a tough job to judge which ones will be the three finalists!

Luckily, they have a selection of professional judges with various skills, experiences and backgrounds to perform this difficult task.

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The Sensi Seeds Art Contest judges

Linda: Concept and Realization

Linda has been closely involved in the house style and overall appearance of Sensi Seeds since the very beginning. Following the completion of her studies in Media Styling, she founded Hempstory along with her classmate Marijn. Together they also form the creative team for Sensi Seeds and various Sensi sister companies.

Marijn: Concept and Realization

Together with Linda, she is the founder and stylist of Hempstory. With her background in Media Styling, together with Linda she is responsible for company styling, house style consistency and marketing.

Gerbrand: Art Historian

Gerbrand is the curator of the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum for both the Amsterdam and Barcelona locations. Thanks to his education in Art History and his work experience as researcher, writer and exhibition curator in the museum sector for, among others, the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum, he is our art specialist judge.

Marco: Image Editor, Graphic Designer

Marco is responsible for maintaining the Sensi Seeds graphic archive and for creating graphics for brands such as Sensi Seeds, HempFlax and the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum. Marco is a cannabis specialist with more than 20 years of experience in promoting and enjoying the plant.

Arjen: Management Team, ex-graffiti artist

KayOne was active in the Amsterdam graffiti scene in the ’80s and ’90s. Although he also made commissioned work, the bulk of his pieces were made illegally. Since the 90’s, he has left bombing to the next generation, and started a career as web/UX designer. Currently he is part of the management team of Sensi Seeds.

Eva: Project Manager

As project manager for the Sensi Seeds Cannabis Art Contest, Eva will be ensuring that the judges’ selection satisfies all the contest criteria. Additionally she will be drawing on her knowledge of graphics and creative background from her education and work experience to judge the entries.

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What will the entries be judged on?

The deadline for submissions is midnight CET on July 1st. The judges will then get to work selecting the three pieces of art that you will have the chance to vote on. They will be selecting the finalists based on:

  • The quality of the art piece: characteristics such as (graffiti) techniques, the relevance of cannabis, and composition, will be taken into account
  • Place and materials: where and on what object the artwork is made
  • The quality of the photo: setting, lighting, sharpness, colour, composition, general appeal

So a range of skills could make it possible for you to be an Art Contest winner; you don’t have to be outstanding with a spray can! Imagination, a talent for photography, even an original choice of setting or media will all count towards narrowing down the many submissions to the final three.

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When and how you will be able to vote

The judges have until the 7th of July to agree upon the three finalists, because on Friday the 8th of July, voting by the public will officially begin! The artworks will be displayed on Facebook and Instagram, which is where votes will be cast also. Obviously it’s one vote per person, so if you have accounts on both platforms, you will only be allowed to vote on one.  You have until Tuesday the 12th of July to votefor the art contest entry that you think deserves to win first prize. The prizes will be allocated according to the total number of votes that each entry receives. First, second, and third place winners will be announced on Wednesday the 13th of July,so keep an eye on our social media channels for the big news! The winners themselves will be contacted by private message.

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Art Contest Prizes

There are three prizes to be won in this Sensi Seeds Art contest, so each of the finalists is sure to win something! The first prize winner will receive flights for two people, from within Europe to Amsterdam, and accommodation in a luxury apartment in the heart of the city. They will also be given a pack of 10 Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 Feminized seeds, a Sensi Seeds t-shirt and a Sensi Seeds cap. Naturally, they also have the opportunity to explore the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, the Hemp Gallery and other Sensi Seeds venues.

The second prize winner will receive a pack of 5 Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 Feminized seeds, a Sensi Seeds t-shirt and a Sensi Seeds cap; third prize is a Sensi Seeds t-shirt and a Sensi Seeds cap.

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You can still enter!

The deadline for submissions is approaching, but there is still time for you to be in with a chance of winning one of these three great prizes. Visit the Art Contest landing page here for all the details on how to enter. If you have friends who are creative, but don’t consider yourself to be, encourage them to enter too – remember the first prize is flights and accommodation for two people!



Tell us what you think of the Cannabis Art Contest, and more

Sensi Seeds has a long history of encouraging and supporting creativity in all its various forms. From promoting live music events and interviewing cannabis-loving musicians, to publishing articles about cannabis and creativity, to sponsoring cannabis festivals and events from Amsterdam to New York, the company continues founder Ben Dronkers’ philanthropic vision. Let us know in the comments what your views are on the Cannabis Art Contest; on cannabis and creativity; and what your favourite strains are to unleash your artistic passions! Also, tell us what you would like to see us do next to promote this aspect of our favourite plant. Is there a cannabis artist, performer or writer you would like to see interviewed about their work? Let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

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