31 januari 2020

Rappers up in this Cannabis Business

The perfect relationship between hip-hop and marijuana has blessed us with too many dope tracks to name. Music and puffable medicine go way back, but no genre has embraced stoner culture quite like rap.
Countless MCs have named entire albums in honor of the bud or conducted their shows with a microphone in one and a blunt in the other. Some have even given themselves cannabis-inspired aliases. And several—most recently Kodak Black—have been caught green-handed with baggies.
Now, a few rap artists are elevating their fondness for weed beyond verses and into business, launching their own strains of the stuff as its legalization is sweeping the nation.

About Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

The godfather of rap and marijuana has invested into the business more than anyone in hip-hop. It’s more than just the gin and juice in his cup that gets Snoop Dogg faded. Easily in the running for hip-hop’s biggest fan of the greenery, Snoop has released an album’s worth of weed-themed tracks over the course of a career that kicked off with his scene-stealing appearances on—what else? —The Chronic. Among the many marijuana anthems Snoop has rolled out: “Smoke the Weed,” “I Love the Weed,” “Lighters Up” and “My Medicine”. In 2015, Snoop launched his own branded marijuana line, Leafs by Snoop. Flavors include Lemon Pie, Northern Lights and Cali Kush. This line also includes his Snoop Dogg OG an edible line.
Last November he trolled President Trump by posting an Instagram video of his mission to smoke a blunt at the White House.

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Wiz KhalifaAbout Wiz Khalifa

This Pittsburgh MC has his own strain of marijuana. Khalifa Kush (a.k.a. KK or Wiz Khalifa OG) is an indica-dominant hybrid (80 percent indica, 20 percent sativa) created in partnership with Colorado-based RiverRock Cannabis. Khalifa puffs through his live shows and once teased an upcoming album with footage of Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm. The guy named his breakthrough mixtape Kush and Orange Juice, but few associate him with OJ. Addicted to the green, the author of Rolling Papers and Rolling Papers 2 has boasted in interviews that he spends $10,000 a month on cannabis. No wonder he gets along so well with Snoop, with whom he co-starred in a Martha Stewart cooking show. The main ingredient: weed. It was only a matter of time before Wiz Khalifa got in on the business end of one his favorite hobbies.

It even goes so far that these two stoners have their own film about weed. The movie is called ‘Mack and Devin go to High School’ a movie that explains everything about weed and its effects in an amusing and entertaining way of course! Here’s another article on our friend Wiz


But one of the biggest business owners in this industry is Berner and after this recap you can well understand how he achieved this.

Figures an artist named Berner would find a home on Wiz Khalifa’s label, Taylor Gang. The San Francisco MC doesn’t just rhyme about getting high. He has flexed his entrepreneurial muscle by becoming a co-owner of the national Cannabis Cup with his own medical marijuana dispensaries, Cookies SF, Collective Efforts, and H2C Cookies 707. After reintroducing the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain to the world, Berner has come up with about 10 more strains (including Berner’s Cookies) and has a clothing brand based off the name. He also created Hemp20, hemp seed-infused flavored waters, and launched his newest dispensary, Cookies Los Angeles, one of the first marijuana shops to open in the southern California city of Maywood.
His Cookies retail store sells “smell-proof” backpacks. Berner also produces the TV series Marijuana Mania. In other words a big boss in this industry!

More achievements

They are not the only rappers that own a business in the weed industry. Here you have a short summery about some other rap artists with a good-looking business

Other than having his own Napalm OG strain, Xzibit has worked with Brass Knuckles on vape products and has his own line of edibles.

Juicy J
In September 2016, Juicy J announced the launch of his trippy Green Suicide strain, complete with a music video featuring Wiz Khalifa and TM88 to celebrate.

The Game
The Game has taken advantage of California’s marijuana laws in a major way. Besides being the first celebrity to become an official partner at a weed dispensary (The Reserve in Santa Ana, Calif.), the rapper also has his own strain that he uses in his TreesbyGame products, which includes popsicles and ashtrays. The Game also serves as brand ambassador for G Brand, promoting pre-rolled G STIKS and G DRINKS lemonade.

So here you see friends, it’s a match made in heaven, sky high.

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