12 mei 2017

Prince Ea

We love it when people are able to artfully reach other people. Prince Ea is one of them. He’s an artist that uses his talent to educate others.

Here are some movies made by his ‘movement’. Spread the word please

There are many more movies video’s to be found on his youtube channel

Also you can check out his website


Adios Friends One Love


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15 maart 2017

What’s up in Berlin?

In Germany, following on from Bremen, Berlin has now decided to relax what is in any case its relatively liberal cannabis policy, compared to the national policy, making it the second federal state within six months to do so. Politicians would at last like to regulate trade in cases of possession of up to 15 grams of cannabis, which involves merely a written warning and no fine.

19 april 2021

Are you familiar with 420?

If you’re a fan, it’s likely that you will be familiar with the number 420 (pronounced “four twenty”) and by extension the date April 20th, which in the US calendar...