20 oktober 2020

Online climate festival 21

How do we keep our heads cool and our feet dry in Amsterdam? Downpours, heat, drought: there is a lot to expect. On 22 October 2020, Amsterdam organises the free Climate Adaptation Festival online. Get involved and participate!
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How do we prepare Amsterdam for the climate of today and tomorrow? There are risks, but there are always opportunities. We would like to know what young people in Amsterdam (and everyone who feels young) think about that. What are the concerns and what are the possibilities? Get involved on October 22 during the online festival about climate adaptations! The program consists of panel discussions, inspiring speakers and practical examples. All sessions can be followed online. And you have the option to ask questions via chat.

A tip of the veil

What exactly does the program look like? A tip of the veil: during the online festival, you will hear the story of climate activists who sailed to Peru last year and attended the UN climate conference COP25 there. They talk about their experience and motivation and how every young person can contribute to society without being an activist. Representatives from the festival and events sector also have their say.

How do they see the future with the changing climate … Want to know more?

Check THIS out.

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Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

The Climate Adaptation Festival is part of the larger event Road to CAS of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and of the Climate Adaptation Summit in January 2021.

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