Smoking in Coffeeshops Amsterdam
14 februari 2018

No more smoking tobacco in Coffeeshops?

What Happened?

On the 12th of February 2018 Dutch court ruled for the ban on seperate smoking spaces ( SSS) in our hospitality business ( Horeca)

This came as a big surprise to our branche. In 2008 the law against smoking in public places expanded to the horeca. At the same time the hospitality business got a chance to build a ‘Seperate Smoking Space’ in their company. These spaces were ment to give the employees and guests the change to choose whether they wanted to sit in a smoking area or not. Simple as that. Of course these adjustments costed the business owners a fair amount of money at the time and thus were some bitter pills. Understandably, the ruling of the court yesterday morning, came as a huge surprise… To say the least, the branche isn’t amused.


Coffeeshop Amsterdam Smoking Area

Anti-Smoke activists (…) went to court saying the exception made for the hospitality business ( Horeca) is in conflict with the international agreements made by the World Health Organization. They’re saying employees are still made to clean the smoking areas and guests can experience social pressure on joining others in a SSS. To many surprise the court ruled in their favour, saying every company has to dismantle their SSS and force people to smoke outside in the cold.

What now?

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Many cafeterias, clubs and bardancings will have to rebuild once again and (if they have the opportunity) make another comfortable smoking area on their terrace. That means high costs for redecorating and heated outdoors spots. Also it means many guests standing outside of your company, which will cause a lot of noise, rumor and complaints from their neighbors.

And for the Coffeeshop Future?

For us, as an Amsterdam Coffeeshop, this is a very bad ruling of the court. As you’ll probably know; We’re in the smoking business. Many people won’t visit us anymore if they can’t smoke a joint inside. We’re talking people that smoke their joint with tobacco. As in 90% of our costumers. So once again, many thanks from us to our government, justice system and the subsidized Anti-Smoke Activists (…) for making it harder for all the hard working and tax paying entrepreneurs. If this law is executed we’ll have to ask our costumers to stop smoking tobacco and switch to pure smoking or herbal mixes. It’s not as if you can’t smoke your weed without tobacco, in fact, we love smoking our weed pure. But the way these decisions are being made for us, just makes us shiver.


Let us hope this ruling will be reversed so we can have a free choice what to smoke in our coffeeshops!

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