New Medical CBD-Strain from Jamaica @ Coffeeshop Best Friends Amsterdam

Best Jamaican Weed Amsterdam
28 februari 2017

Whadup Friends!

Recently we’ve added a new kind of Jamaican Weed on the menu: Super Fly Jamaican

After testing it ourselves we were very very happy with it. Sitting at home with some friends we really had a blast. Couldn’t stop laughing and felt very clear afterwards. Enough reason for us to call teslabamsterdam¬†and have the strain tested. It came out very surprising, because next to the (in our opinion) perfect high, it turned out to be a very high-grade CBD strain. Check out the certificate on the Super Fly Jamaican Weed. It’s in Dutch but you’ll get it nevertheless. Check out the beautiful CBD percentage of 5.5%

Best Jamaican Weed Amsterdam bestcoffeeshopamsterdam Bestjamaicanweed



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