29 januari 2020

New in Amsterdam: green tram stops

When you cycle through Amsterdam, you come across plenty of green roofs and green façades. But green tram stops? That’s a novelty. The tram shelters on Weteringcircuit and Marnixplein have been clad in greenery since Tuesday, 7 January.

The shelter on Weteringcircuit (Vijzelgracht stop) has a green roof and a green wall. It has its own irrigation system that uses rainwater. Underground there is a pump room where rainwater is collected. This rainwater is used to water the plants completely automatically. This makes it the Netherlands’ first ‘rainproof’ tram or bus shelter. The shelter on Marnixplein has only a green roof.

Good for the city

The green roofs are not only pretty, they also collect rainwater, which we can then reuse. In addition, greenery has a cooling effect and increases the city’s biodiversity, because the green roofs attract all manner of insects, including butterflies and bees. In short, it’s all super sustainable.


The green stops are a trial we’re running in cooperation with JCDecaux. We will observe them for a year to see if they meet our expectations. If the experiment proves a success, we will look into options for locations for additional green tram or bus shelters.

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