9 september 2021

Moti4 helps young people gain control

Moti-4 is a low-threshold process of conversations for young people aged 14 to 24 who are at risk of getting into trouble due to substance use, gambling or gaming. Get more information on

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1 juli 2021

Highlife Magazine: A Future proof sector

  A future-proof coffeeshop sector If the cannabis experiment is deemed successful, then legalization of the cannabis chain could, in principle, be rolled out across the entire country. According to...

When shouldn't i smoke weed
29 december 2019

When is smoking cannabis not advisable?

Smoking cannabis has psychotic and physical effects on the body, so in some cases it is strongly discouraged. This can be, for example, due to physical complaints or if someone is sensitive to addiction. Also during some daily activities it is not recommended.