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28 maart 2017

Legalization is coming in Canada

Good news for Canadians! After a harsh and confusing month of arrests, dispensary raids and comments from the pot czar that he was in no hurry to legalize weed, it’s finally happening.

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation says that the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau will announce legislation next month that will legalize marijuana in Canada by July 1, 2018.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party had long promised they would have legislation ready by the spring.

The CBC reported that the new regulations would basically follow recommendations released in December by a federally-appointed pot task force.

Bill Blair, the former Toronto police chief who has been dealing with the legal weed portfolio for the government, told the Liberal caucus that the roll-out plan and legislation was on track.


Provinces To Control Sales

The federal government will be in charge of making sure the country’s weed supply is safe and secure and Ottawa, the capital, will license producers.

Canada’s provinces will have the right to decide how cannabis will be distributed and sold, as well as set prices.

While Ottawa has set a minimum age of 18 to buy marijuana, the provinces will have the option of setting a higher age limit if they choose to do so.

Canadians, especially the young, are among the biggest users of weed in the world, according to UNICEF.

Authorities in Ottawa says legal pot under a strict regulation regime will make it easier to keep it away from young people, keep profits from organized crime, reduce the burden on police and justice system and improve public health.

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Four Plants Per Household

Canadians who want to grow their own will be limited to four plants per household.

Legalizing weed was one of the more controversial promises Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made during his campaign.

The governing Liberals had agreed to legalize but to strictly regulate pot in order to keep it “out of the hands of children, and the profits out of the hands of criminals.”

Now, with everyone on the same page and ready to roll out the weed, recent raids on MMJ dispensaries seem to be all the more confusing and distressing for those negatively affected.

Just two weeks ago in Toronto, Vancouver and other cities the police raided and charged several people with possession and trafficking, including noted pot advocates Marc and Jodie Emery.


Are the victims of these raids the last? Time will tell, but these recent affairs seem to pointing towards legalization. Let’s hope for our Canadian Friends legalization is coming next year. The worldwide canna-knowledge will keep growing if our hopes come through.

For us here in Amsterdam, it all seems a long way, now that the election-outcome has been this old-fashioned. But the more countries proof that legalization is the way, the more ammo our opposing politicians loose. And that can’t be bad for anyone!

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