Kingsday Amsterdam 2021
26 april 2021

Kingsday Amsterdam 2021

Since 2014 we no longer celebrate Queen’s Day, but King’s Day.

King’s Day may well be the best party in Holland. On 27 April, we celebrate King Willem Alexander’s birthday with music, street parties, flea markets, and fun fairs. This year everything is different. COVID-19 keeps the Dutch indoors and festivities have been canceled or moved online. Expect the Dutch to have a party regardless of the pandemic, however, even though it’s at home and on a smaller scale this year.

Check out these DJ sets and make sure your speakers are ready for some serious tunes.
Leave a comment on our Instagram King’ s Day post with your favourite King’s Day music stream/song/playlist/mix and we will choose randomly 4 of the comments to pick up a Best Friends King’s Day Goodiebag.

Have fun with your closest friends and we’ll toast on all of you!

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