22 juni 2017

July in Amsterdam

Wzup Friends!


July in Amsterdam = THE place to B!

Forget about going camping or roadtrippin’. All that searching 4 and arguing about the nicest spot only makes us tired. And that’s not what summer is for. Am I wrong?

Our city of Amsterdam holds everything you could ever ask for. From nature to city, from resting spots to the dopest parties around. We’ve got it over here.

We’ve put some links below for you to surf & plan your July:

So Click, KLIK and Clicka – DI – CLICK

july amsterdam smoking weed bestcoffeeshopbestfriends amsterdam

Also we need y’all to know about the Best Rooftop Spots in Amsterdam, because… yeah… July…. Summer…. Cold Beer…. on a Rooftop… You get it right?

rooftop amsterdam smoking weed bestcoffeeshopamsterdam

So I guess we’ll see you around for some chillin and a sweet doobie @ BF2

One Love

Your Best Friends in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Park smoking weed best coffeeshop amsterdam


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