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9 maart 2017

Israel towards de- criminaliza- tion of cannabis

The Israeli government has taken a step toward decriminalizing cannabis use.

Israeli media say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Cabinet has approved a measure that would reduce penalties for possession of marijuana. If caught, smokers would pay a fine, instead of facing criminal charges.

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Netanyahu said ahead of Sunday’s meeting that a “new enforcement policy” should be drawn up “cautiously and in a controlled manner.”

The decision does not mean that Jerusalem will now have Amsterdam-style coffee shops. The Haaretz daily said a committee would study ways to regulate the use of pot.

Opposition lawmaker Tamar Zandberg told Haaretz: “This is an important step, but not the end of the road. It sends a message that a million Israelis who consume marijuana aren’t criminals.”

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17 maart 2020

Open Again!!

After being closed by the government yesterday because of the corona virus, we've just reopened again.

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5 april 2017

Big Pharma’s War Plan

With a potential this big, it's only a matter of time before the big sharks come fishing. While lobbying extensively against legalization, they're dropping there own synthetic cannabis products. Thanks to Hightimes for the Article