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1 april 2020

Indica vs Sativa  

Within the world of Marijuana you will find two types of plant. The Indica plant, with thick leaves and a short bushy stature. And the Sativa plant, which tends to bloom slowly but in turn grows much taller with more slender branches. It also has visibly longer and thinner leaves appearing finger like, truly contrasting the broader shapes her sister plant the Indica produces.

Not only do their shapes differ, but when consumed the experience is said to be different as well. Every strain dances on the scale between Indica and Sativa. Indica being described as relaxing and Sativa as uplifting. Many strains have been crossbred throughout the years, and so, many varieties have been produced for us to use. Some are mostly Indica and some are mostly Sativa, while some are 55% Indica and 45% Sativa. The last-mentioned example is what we refer to as a “Hybrid” strain.

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The difference in effect will be explained below, as they become clear, you can see how the two types of plant can be used for the varying situations we as human beings face.



When taking Indica it is largely experienced in the body. Recreational users describe the feeling as being “Body Stoned”. Because of this, general practitioners choose this variant of marijuana to enhance the enjoyment of: Food, resting on a couch, watching a movie or talking and laughing with some comrades. It is particularly well suited to end the day with and cool down. Here lies one of the downsides of Indica, when too much is consumed it can cause a phenomenon called “Couch Lock”. The name says enough, your body will become harder to carry and you will most likely want to stay seated. Funnily enough some people smoke indica for that exact reason, to help with restlessness. On a whole, not only does it help to relish the moment whenever necessary, patients in distress like to partake as well, to relieve some of the discomfort they feel if physically hurt or struck by disease.

Do note, Marijuana relieves pain only temporarily. It does not treat the pain or make it go away. Having said that, it’s benefits become apparent when utilized in the proper situation.

It is highly effective against Insomnia, the cannabidiol (CBD) levels in Indica are relatively high, producing a comfortable feeling within the body, which, in turn, effectively and strongly supports the effort to fall asleep. The substance of Cannabidiol (CBD) contains an Antagonistic receptor (A type of receptor that sticks to other receptors and dampens biological response rather than activate them). During rehabilitation from surgery, broken bones, bruises joint pain name the list, it can bring a numbing of pain and a pleasant, enjoyable and optimistic perception in the mind. Summarizing, getting physical rest is important, what Indica does, is that it gives your mind the chance to stay calm and euphoric. It numbs the body from pain in the tough situations mentioned above. It is recommended to use an Indica strain that is fit for your resistance level against Cannabinoids. Use however little you need to have a pleasant experience!

Benefits of Indica

  • Pain Management
  • Muscle Aches
  • Spasms and Seizures
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Relaxing
  • Euphoria
  • Anxiety



While the majority of medicinal marijuana patients tend to choose Indica, recreational users often prefer the more uplifting Sativa. Famous for its “Mind High”, the sativa offers a more active, daytime effect, presenting the perfect circumstances to savor parties, group gatherings and creative activities. As previously stated, creative activities gain an extraordinary boost. The cerebral effect increases focus and out-of-the-box thinking. Making Sativa enthusiasts exclaim that being high on this plant is like looking at your work from an entirely fresh and different perspective, solving many of their artistic hurdles in the past.

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Sativa can grant an interesting experience to many user across the world, to spark new ideas, gain motivation or use it for recreational enjoyment. A well known Sativa strain type is Haze, whenever a strain is named Haze, it is always Sativa.

Cannabis strains, like Indica, with a higher CBD:THC ratio, are less likely to trigger anxiety than vice versa. This may be due to CBD being an antagonistic compound (A type of receptor that blocks or dampens biological response) and THC being an Partial Agonist (A type of receptor that partially activates biological response). You will find that most, if not all Sativas contain higher percentages of THC than CBD when compared to Indica, supporting the claim that Sativa gives an uplifting and more active experience. As explained above and seen in practice, the downside of sativa, and Indica to a certain extent, is consuming too much. Possibly triggering anxiety in already prone individuals.

Benefits of Sativa:

  • Creativity
  • Fighting depression
  • Focus
  • Cerebral Thought
  • Broadens Point of View


Although we can now list vast differences between Indica and Sativa, most known information is based on limited research done and empirical evidence gathered by users throughout the years.

Scientists are easily able to distinguish the levels and effects of the two most prevalent cannabinoids in Marijuana, namely delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). By using Fingerprinting (gas chromatography) a large plethora of less significant cannabinoids and terpenes have been established and observed, all undoubtedly contributing to the experienced effect of being “High”.

Yet even with this knowledge, it seems unclear what combinations of these substances cause in the physiological and neuropsychological disciplines of research. At this point in time, it is still to inaccurate to publish a scientific paper on the proven differences of our widely enjoyed plant.

Altogether, it looks like there are indeed differences between the two plants. While we can’t call fact, there is more than enough reason to accept the matter.

Indica and Sativa, what do you prefer? Are you the type of person that creates and want the effect of Sativa, or would you like a calm and floating feeling in the body, from Indica? If you are a naturally anxious person Sativa may not be the high you are looking for, and Indica is. If you like to use cannabis it is recommended to try strains until you find what works for you, this drug is more psychological than physical, and so applications of cannabis can be surprisingly and or remarkably diverse from individual to individual.

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