Good ways of smoking cannabis
12 december 2019

Healthy Ways To Consume Cannabis

Smoking with tobacco

Cannabis smoking is most common with tobacco. In the Netherlands this is about 90% of all people who smoke cannabis. This means that you can put less cannabis in your joint and divide it up with tobacco. The tobacco also makes the hash or weed burn better and you can turn a bigger joint. However, smoking tobacco has several down sides. Most known are addictive, causing cancer and seriously affecting the lungs. But cannabis can be consumed in many more ways, namely by eating, drinking and vaping. Cannabis can also be smoked in a healthier way, for example by smoking pure weed or hashish. Read more about the advantages of pure smoking HERE.


Many people think of a vaperizor as an e-cigarette, but for cannabis you also have vaperizers that can vaporize plant materials. These are very suitable for cannabis.

How does it work? It’s just like an oven, the vaperizor heats the cannabis in a small room. As a result, the cannabis does not burn, but the active substances of cannabis do evaporate in this case (THC). The plant material changes from dust vapour and you can then breathe in this vapour and get the active substance (THC) in. The active ingredients in cannabis are THC and CBD, which both evaporate at a different temperature. THC evaporates faster than CBD. CBD burns at a temperature between 180 and 226┬░C. What makes a vaperizor also very special is that you can adjust the temperature for a desired effect. Compared to smoking, the vapours of cannabis also give more oxygen to the body and it does not rebuild the veins because there is no tobacco in it. This can give you a clear effect. It may feel different and come in different when you look at the differences in vasicles and smoking. It can also be more valuable than in a joint. In a joint, 25% of the THC is transferred to the body and in a vaperizor, that’s no less than 46%. If you then take smaller amounts, this can make a difference in your wallet. It is also cheaper in the long run because you don’t always have to buy tobacco for your cannabis. However, the vaperizer can be quite expensive.

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  • Little or no damage to the lungs.
  • No risk of nicotine addiction.
  • Much more efficient than smoking cannabis.
  • It saves money if you blow regularly because you don’t have to buy tobacco, tip or rolling papers anymore.
  • The pure taste of marijuana or hash is often considered better compared to a joint with tobacco.
  • Portable vaporizer can also be used outdoors in the wind.
  • Disadvantages
  • Relatively expensive investment.
  • The effects are less likely to be felt.
  • Some people experience inhaling with a vaporizer as more intense, because the vapor is more concentrated.


Check out this nice TRUE comparison between the best portables at the moment.

Edible Cannabis

Cannabis can of course also be used in other products such as food and drink.Actually, as crazy as you can imagine, you can use cannabis in it. Of course, we all know the space cakes. But eating cannabis products is a completely different experience from smoking cannabis. The big difference is that when you eat cannabis you only feel the effects after 45 minutes to 2 hours. This is because the process takes much longer for the body to actually absorb the active ingredients. This means that you cannot immediately measure whether you have consumed too much. Also, the effects can last at least 4 to 6 hours and this can even be as much as 12 hours. Eating cannabis products is often a lot more intense, so you can start to see and experience things differently that may not be there at all. This can be fun, but sometimes less. So, start with a piece and then wait at least 1 hour


  • Do it in a quiet and relaxed environment.
  • Make sure you have all the time you need.
  • Start with a small piece and then wait at least 1-2 hours


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Advantage of cannabis tea

Cannabis has been increasingly proven over the years to be able to do healthy things for your body. When we look at cannabis tea, this is a healthy way of consuming cannabis. An advantage may be that when drinking cannabis tea, the active ingredients of cannabis provide a quick relief from many digestive problems, from cramps and constipation to diarrhoea and acid regurgitation. Cannabis tea has also been used for thousands of years if you look at the history of mankind. You can make your own cannabis tea and often it will help you sleep well.

The bennefits of thc and cbd oil

Cannabis oil is used on a healthy whey. Because it is very concentrated, you don’t have to use much of it. They advise you to take 2 drops the first time you use it and then wait 10-15 minutes. Cannabis oil is usually effective for 4-5 hours. Cannabis oil has become very popular in recent years for people with symptoms such as sleeping problems, anxiety attacks, epilepsy, chronic pain, psychosis and more. The scientific evidence is not yet conclusive for all applications. However, anecdotal evidence shows that cannabis oil can benefit some people. Cannabis oil is best dripped under the tongue, so that the active substances are quickly absorbed by the membranes under the tongue, then rinsed away with a large glass of water. If you can’t see exactly how many drops you’re dripping under your tongue, it’s advisable to do this in front of a mirror. You can also drink it in water itself and then swallow it.

Important to know

– Buy it from a reliable source. So you know what’s in it

– Start with a low dose and build it up slowly until you think you have achieved a desired effect.

– Be extra careful with other narcotics such as alcohol, benzodiazepines or opiate cannabis oil can increase its effect. Take extra care in traffic.







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