Guidelines Legalising Cannabis in Canada released

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23 augustus 2017

Canada is preparing for a fully regulated, adult-legal cannabis market, beginning in July 2018.

The Rapport is meant to give guidance to Canadian legislators regarding next year’s roll out. As one might expect, the mental health community is rallying around an approach to policy that views cannabis through a public health lens.

Cannabis Legalization and Regulation

As a result, the report advises a couple of somewhat controversial recommendations, which may please some supporters of prohibition on one hand, and upset them on the other.

Read the rapport for yourself and see what you make of it. Here it is!

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Multiple Sclerosis appears on most medical cannabis “Qualifying Conditions” lists in the United States and has been featured in some research in recent years. As such, cannabis is now widely regarded as an acceptable treatment for this auto-immune disease, for which there is currently no cure.