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9 maart 2017

Growing 5 plants per household in Holland

In a landmark decision, the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament voted February 21st 2017, in favour of adding cannabis cultivation to its famous tolerance policy. A move that would decriminalize the supply aspect of the coffeeshops.

But what the media and most people don’t seem to have picked up, is that an amendment by Liesbeth van Tongeren (Groenlinks, Green Party) has been adopted too, allowing patients to grow a maximum of 5 medicinal plants.

Cannabis News Network spoke with Rinus Beintema of the rising Social Club ‘Suver Nuver’. Because while some consumers rejoice about this new Dutch cultivation bill, others like Rinus will continue to feel the government’s heat until a working bill is adopted.

The Social Club Suver Nuver is booming in the Netherlands, providing people with cannabis extracts for medicinal purposes. Because of the illegality of the plant and thus, of its extracts, the battle with the justice system continues. In the meantime, the social club has grown to around 5000 members. And with the opening of a fourth information centre in Amsterdam, the club can’t be ignored anymore.

Thanks to our friends from Sensiseeds

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