18 januari 2021

Exhibition ‘Corona in the city’ visited 100,000 times

The digital exhibition ‘Corona in the city’ of the Amsterdam Museum has so far attracted 100,000 visitors. Through various art forms, the exhibition shows how Amsterdam experiences the coronacrisis and consists of works by both professionals and amateur artists.

Now that the city has stopped, the digital exhibition has become topical again. A team of guest curators made a selection of hundreds of entries for the design of a number of digital themed rooms in the spring.

For example, it is possible to wander through the abandoned Central Station and visit the apocalyptic ramparts in the digital hall ‘De stille stad’. In the ‘other halfway society’you can discover how Amsterdammers deal with the distance. AT5 stories can also be seen in the exhibition.

The exhibition is alive and that means that it will be permanently supplemented with new works.


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