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7 december 2017

Deceit and betrayal of the people by our Ministry of Justice

Well, well, well…

Nieuwsuur aanpassingen WODC bedrog Lies Deceit Scandal schandaal
For years we’ve been amazed and shocked by the outcome of our governments research. They said the coffeeshops are causing major social problems and that legalization is an utopia and could never be realized. We, as coffeeshop entrepreneurs, have been working extremely hard to keep our business legit and open for our government to control and penalize. Always living and working under destress, feeling that our Minister of Justice was gunning for us. Every time coffeeshop related subjects were researched, the outcome was steadily bad for the Coffeeshop Branche. Every time we couldn’t comprehend these outcomes. Working everyday in our field of expertise, we mostly saw it completely different. Turns out we weren’t blind to certain signs… The Minister himself ( Opstelten: Justice ) rewrote the outcome on the supposedly objective coffeeshop researches, to suit his own political agenda.

Whistleblower WODC

Because of a brave whistleblower these very deceitful actions of our highest and most important politicians are now coming to light. This whistleblower has been working for the Dutch Research Centre WODC for many years. The WODC (Research and Documentation Centre) of the Ministry of Justice and Security can be characterised as an international knowledge centre on: security, police, criminal, civil and administrative justice and migration issues. Its output is knowledge for the benefit of policy development so the WODC is of mayor importance for the Dutch Lawmakers. The Dutch politicians vastly depend on the WODC research by leading our country.
WODC cannabis weed lies deceit grapperhaus opstelten teeven
At first the whistleblower tried to express her problems with this course of business indoors to her supervisor. This didn’t help at all as he tried to deny these things happened. Afterwards she went to her confidential advisor and again it did not help at all. She went all the way to Hollands highest functionary: The Secretary General Siebe Riedstra… Nothing happened.

Bas Haan

When she didn’t see any other way, she blew the whistle to a reporter/journalist Bas Haan. She wrote a 7 pages long rapport about the issue and he then researched the matter and found out the whistleblower was right all the way. The supposedly objective Research Centre WODC was completely controlled by the Ministry of Justice. Numerous of compromising letters, emails and statements came to light. Bas Haan states “the situation at the WODC is so bad, the employees and ministries officials aren’t even hiding their conversations about influencing the rapports conclusions. They’re openly talking about changing the outcome for the ministries convenience.”

Dutch short oversight

This all is a very very disturbing matter:

  • We can’t trust our supposedly Objective Research Centre.
  • We can’t trust our Ministry of Justice & Safety to act based on honest research or to not deceit our government legislators
  • We can’t rely on our Secretary General to act against deceit in his own ministry.


That brings us to the most important questions:

  • How can we trust our own government again?
  • What will the government do to restore the peoples faith?
  • Will the former Minister be penalized for deliberately misinforming our government?

What now?

Public television program ‘Nieuwsuur’ broadcasted a special on the matter and it had our new Minister of Justice & Safety as guest at the table. Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus declared an independant research on the matter, which of course is a good thing. Still his performance wasn’t very strong, because he wouldn’t say he was going to research his predecessors’ roles in the past years. Our alarm bells for a big cover-up immediately rang at their loudest. Let’s hope they won’t come of easy for robbing all the coffeeshop employees of their jobs midst of the mayor financial crisis. Let’s hope they get what they deserve for hurting all these families.

WODC cannabis weed lies deceit grapperhaus opstelten teeven

On the positive

Many members of parliament reacted startled and many questions will be asked. So even though we are very sceptic about our new Ministers agenda on the prosecution of his predecessors, there might be a change coming in the future.

a Best Friends article
Media files in Dutch. It’s not yet available in English.


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