12 oktober 2017

Controlled cultivation in Holland?

Wow! We didn’t see this one coming! With this coalition mainly consisting of Anti-Cannabis Parties, a step towards legalized cultivation is made.

The plan is to create a legal situation where 10 cities can test controlled cultivation. If it’s up to the coalition this should start within 6 months.

Dutch coalition testing controlled cannabis cultivation

What exactly are they planning to do?

  • 1 million budget for launching a testcase
  • Big controlled cultivation centres that supply coffeeshops
  • Research the effect on the product healthwise
  • Research the effect on criminal activities in testcase cities
  • Research the effect on incoming taxes
  • 100 million extra for justice ‘undermining fund’

Dutch coalition testing controlled cannabis cultivation

Why are they doing it this way?

The government has been deaf to the public call for controlled cultivation the last 40 years, but now there’s a small breakthrough. We think this is good news for Cannabis consumers and thus for the Dutch Coffeeshops. Of course it’s of mayor importance the government calls in the help and vision of the Dutch Coffeeshops, Cannabis Seed Cultivation Businesses & Growing Equipment Specialists.

So why is the government going down this path? What are their goals?

  • Healthier Cannabis Products
  • Decline in big criminal growers
  • Less pressure on the Police Forces
  • Big Plus in the tax income

Dutch coalition testing controlled cannabis cultivation

What do we think?

We think this is a breakthrough. As said before we didn’t see this one coming from this government. That’s the main reason we are happy with this development. If this all is going to make this industry healthy, only time will tell. But we think there are a few points we can point out that can use some extra thought.

1 million euro for this set-up will never be sufficient. To create a fair line of products for a coffeeshop, you’ll need to give them a menu that contains at least 15 different strains, not even talking about the hash strains. Otherwise a coffeeshop cannot supply to the costumers demands. That costumer will visit other places once again and we’ve all seen where that will lead us. We don’t think one company can produce the thousands of different products that are needed in this market. So it’s probably wise to give more companies permits to grow a lot of different strains.

It’s very important to use the budget for controlling the growers, the strains, the nutrients, the use of fertilizers and pesticides. If future growers know they are shut down if they cross the line, the consumer can buy the cleanest weed ever available.

Use the extra tax income for the research on (medical) cannabis, education, addiction care and overall education. This way our country can make the most of this beautiful product.

cannabis laboratory weed medical research

We think the extra budget for the Justice department should be used on large (foreign) criminal organizations. The reason we say this is because our government always leads us to believe most of the cannabis is shipped out op Holland by organized crime. But we never hear of large cannabis exporting organizations being caught. On the other hand we read big articles on how small growspots are being dismantled by the police. These small growers loose their house and future instead of the real criminals. Because of the severe punishment on smalltime growers, the market price rises and that attracts the big fish. A never ending circle…. We think there is no such thing as an enormous amount of cannabis being shipped out of the country, so we think a lot of this 100 million extra budget can be used on different and more existing criminal organizations.

Dutch coalition testing controlled cannabis cultivation best coffeeshop weed amsterdam marijuana legalization holland dutch

The Future

We hope our government keeps moving forward towards controlled legalization and keeps the consumers demands as their red line. They are looking for certain characteristics in cannabis products and if these are not found in the controlled coffeeshops, they will find other spots te get it. We think our government should use the knowledge the Weed Business holds and work together towards a glorious green future.


To Be Continued….


Thanks for reading, much love

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