Coffeeshop & Cannacenter Best Friends Oud-Zuid near The Vondelpark

Coffeeshop Best Friends Amsterdam Oost Centrum Zuid Vondelpark Coffeeshops
3 januari 2018

On the 28th of december we opened up shop in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid! A big step for us and we hope to meet a lot of new friends there. With our Amsterdam East Concept and Menu, we hope to be of service to everyone that’s looking for a good and steady quality at sweet prices. This way we hope to build long-term relationships with our new friends.

amsterdam maps coffeeshopmaps map amsterdam city

From March on, we’ll be rebuilding the place, but our doors will remain open. Check for the rebuilding updates on our website, Instagram or Facebook. The look will have strong resemblance with our Amsterdam East Coffeeshop. You’re all very very welcome to drop by and we would love to explain our menu to you.

Menukaart Menu Coffeeshop BF Best Friends Oud-Zuid

Hopefully ’till soon Friends!

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