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3 januari 2017

Zup Friends!

This time of the year we always look back @ 2016 & forward to 2017.

What a year it’s been for Best Friends Amsterdam. We’ve totally rebuild our East Coffeeshop and made big changes.We have 2 counters now so there aren’t any long rows anymore. Also we have more space inside so no more standing in line outside. We really hope you like the new set-up. bestcoffeeshopamsterdam bestweedamsterdam

Also we’ve started renewing our House Style. Our Logo, Our Menu, Our Clothing and Website. Everything is going towards the new BF style. We hope you like it. We’re working hard to become one of Amsterdams best Coffeeshops. For the old-skool-lovers we’ll have a surprise in the future.


In 2017 we’ll be starting an eco-sustainable, goodlooking clothing brand called ‘BF Amsterdam’.

It’s going to be very exciting for us and we’ll keep u guys posted.


For now we’re wishing all of our friends much Love & Hightimes. One Love!


Your Best Friends





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