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26 juni 2017

City of Amsterdam is thinking of helping Coffeeshops by upscaling their Weight Limit

Maybe coffeeshops will be allowed to upscale their stash-limit in their shops.

At the moment the limit lays on 500 grams of cannabis products, which is half a kilo. The city of Amsterdam is seriously thinking of upscaling this limit due to an increase of demand in the last years. The rule exists so the coffeeshops would’t get robbed, but is no longer of this time.

Weed Coffeeshop Amsterdam Best Friends Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Some coffeeshops have to refill at least 10 times a day. These refills need to come from a certain place and these places need te be filled as well. You can understand this doesn’t help public safety anymore. It seems the city of Amsterdam is starting to see it this way as well.

The city will probably decide on this matter this fall and we can’t wait for this to happen!

To be continued

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