6 april 2016

Cannabis Liberation Day Flevopark Amsterdam East

The 8th Cannabis Liberation Day will take place on June 12th 2016, 2pm till 10pm. The event is free. On Cannabis Liberation Day we celebrate the international cannabis culture and show how much good this plant has to offer. Cannabis Liberation Day calls for tolerance and widespread use of hemp as durable resource and challenges the criminalization of the plant, the cannabis consumers, coffeeshops and cultivators.

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8 november 2017

Coffeeshop Best Friends Smoking Vibes

What do you need when you've lit a nice fat doobie? Right! A good movie or some perfect blazin' tunes. Well what do you know!? Here we have some smoking tunes Friends. Enjoy to the fullest...

15 februari 2017

Only-Medical Legalization is Utopia

Legalization should be medical as well as recreational. If we choose for medical only, we're solving only half of the problem. Thank you sensiseeds.com for the article