24 november 2019

Cannabis Industry America And Canada

In recent years, the up-coming cannabis industry has been one of the largest growing markets in the world.
This is mainly due to the legalization of medicinal cannabis in countries such as Canada and America (in a number of states), which opens many doors to a new legal market. This market is being used by large investors who see that there are new opportunities and new customers are entering the market. It also shows that in the top 5000 fastest growing business in America there are multiple cannabinoid manufacturers. Recently published figures show that the number of patients in Canada has increased by 35% over the past 1.5 years. Also, more research is being done than ever before, especially in the healthcare industry. This leads to more medical opportunities.

Cannabis From America

The Netherlands has only top quality cannabis because of our history with our reliable coffeeshops. 10 years ago, cannabis in the Netherlands was quite strong compared to imported cannabis. Our THC content was around 15%, whereas in other countries it was less than 10%. This has been growing more towards our percentage. American cannabis also became stronger over time. As people from America flee to Netherland during the war on drugs and they learn to make stronger cannabis. The last couple of years our cannabis and American cannabis are almost as strong. So, do we get cannabis from America? Yes, we do but we still sell more Dutch cannabis. Maybe this will change because of the legalization in many states in America. So, cannabis is becoming more and more important for the society because the market grows each year.

Artists And Role Models

Many artists want to invest and increase their capital, they, like many other investors, look to growing markets. Cannabis is very popular in the world of artists. Of course, this is something that started many years ago and has been raised by big names. The wealth that the famous artist has today is greater than ever, so it’s not surprising that bilionary artists like Jay Z and Drake are investing massively in this market. All these topics of course lead to a greater use of cannabis which makes it more and more accepted in society.

Crime In America

In the 1930s, America drew up the opium law as a result of the war on drug.
The fight against illegal drug trafficking is still going on to this day and will probably never stop. Although legalization will of course bring about changes, not all problems will have been solved immediately. For example, illegal transactions will still take place in the first few years, and not all criminals will stop selling cannabis at the same time. It is true that over the years it will decrease more and more because customers want to know where the product comes from and we also want to know more about certain strains of cannabis. It’s true that it’s cheaper at a dealer (for now), but it’s expected that quality will take more priority than quantity. So in the end there will be relatively little crime in the cannabis trade because it is increasingly being used for medicinal purposes and this will only be purchased from pharmacies and hospitals.Police force

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