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26 april 2017

Cannabis College Amsterdam

Hi Friends,

Whether you are just looking to learn something about the world of weed, or you need some advise on a specific subject; The Cannabis College almost always has your answer.

We recently weren’t sure about a specific badge and went there for some advise. We were more than welcome and they immediately helped us by putting a sample under a microscope. On first sight they can tell you a lot about the quality. Also they can see whether the weed has mold or has been modified with powders and such. For pesticides and invisible adjectives, you can ask for a deeper sample. For this there’s a small fee and you’ll receive a certificate afterwards. We loved the way they welcomed us and their promptness. We didn’t even had to wait. Because of the above, we have to inform all of our friends about the Cannabis College. Text is from their website

About the Cannabis College

The Cannabis College offers free advice on the safe use of recreational and medicinal cannabis, in addition to educating the public about the many industrial uses of the hemp plant. Tours of our Cannabis garden allow us to illustrate our information with a beautiful, completely organic example of indoor growing.

cannabis college bestcoffeeshopbest friends amsterdam


Our non-profit foundation, Cannabis College Amsterdam, teaches and advises the public from the centre of a worldwide debate. Although we are not an academic college, our name was chosen to promote self-education and convey our goal of providing information. However, you can get a diploma from the Cannabis College by completing our online quiz and answering 90% or more of the questions correctly!

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In 1997, philanthropic Dutchman Henk Poncin and a few members of a group known as the “Green Prisoners Release”, who had been campaigning for the freedom to cultivate cannabis, decided to do their community a service.  Together they created a public information centre devoted to all the beneficial aspects of the beautiful Cannabis sativa L. plant. After a year of hard work and renovation, the new information centre and its flourishing organic cannabis garden was housed in a monument-status canal house in the heart of Amsterdam.

The projected opening date was to be in 1998; however, the city government refused the creators a sales permit. Despite the fact that the group’s initial investment had been consumed by the renovation of the building, they continued undaunted, now faced with the challenge of recovering funds without being able to sell the large range of merchandise they had planned to. Despite all the ordeals the original goal remained: to provide information and encourage Cannabis activism.

Finally there was a ray of hope. Eddie, one of the main seed breeders in Holland, was brought in as a partner. As an honest and organic breeder Eddie felt a certain responsibility to the industry, stating, “I earned my money for 35 years [through] working with this plant; this is something I have to do in return.” The dedication of Henk Poncin, the Green Prisoners Release, Eddie and an enthusiastic group of young volunteers combined to form the Cannabis College Amsterdam, a professional information centre with free admission.

Since our early days the College has experienced a few major changes. In the summer of 2002 we lost the entire information centre to a fire. After a few hard months of renovation we finally managed to re-open with a fresh look a few months later.

With a brand new garden, merchandise and website, please be sure to stop by and check out our new format. We hope to completely renovate the info centre upstairs in the near future, adding more computer terminals and lecture capabilities. We are also hoping to increase and update our product displays, and will gladly accept any donations that will enhance our information centre and call attention to your hemp – or Cannabis- related business.

cannabis college bestweedamsterdam bestcoffeeshopamsterdam

Cannabis Activism

Activism is one of the most important responsibilities of the Cannabis College. Areas in which we are active include medicinal cannabis, policy reform, Cannabis legalisation and much more.  We are involved in supporting the organic cultivation community by growing both medical and recreational products. As well as distributing our free information on all aspects of Cannabis and hemp, we can put you in touch with many activist and advocacy groups in your country or area.

The College promotes activism and strives to provide an open venue in which to host private and public gatherings. In the past this has included special coffeeshop staff training sessions, medical lectures for those in the public health sector, cannabis strain release parties, poetry readings and film premieres, university lectures and even vaporising parties. We also attempt to maintain a visual presence in the community through attending legalisation rallies and public demonstrations, court cases, and of course Cannabis festivals and competitions.

Please contact us if you are interested in holding your meeting or training session at the College. The space may be reserved for events during or after business hours and special group rates are available. If you are organising a hemp or cannabis event that you would like the Cannabis College to be involved with, please also contact us to discuss this.

Adres and visiting information

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 124
1012 DT Amsterdam

Open every day from 11:00 to 19:00 apart from:

April 27th – closed

December 24th, 25th and 31st – open 10:00 to 18:00

January 1st – open 13:00 to 19:00

The college is situated alongside one of Amsterdam’s historic canals in a 17th century building, making us part of the UNESCO world heritage site. Unfortunately our inclusion in this prestigious list prevents any structural changes to the front of the building, therefore we are not able to make the Cannabis College wheelchair accessible.


Best Friends Amsterdam thanks the Cannabis College for their efforts and work.

And thanks to our friends for checking this out. We hope you’ll spread the good word and wish you hightimes.
One Love



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