17 januari 2018

Canadians are building biggest Cannabis Farm in Europe

Canada and the European Weed Market

The CCC’s have already sealed deals in the Tjech Republic, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Spain and now it’s Denmarks turn. One of the biggest players on the international weed market, Aurora, is building a huge Cannabis Farm together with the Danish tomato farmer Alfred Pederson & Son. The joint venture will be named Aurora Nordic Cannabis A/S. The initial plan is to deliver medicinal weed to Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic and Finnish patients. If there is to be weed left, than that will be delivered to the rest of the European market.


Aurora growhouse greenhouse plan

Not the First

Even though Aurora will be the largest medicinal cannabis farm, it is not the first. A month early another CCC Canopy Growth opened up shop in the city of Odense. They are working together with a Danish phalaenopsis-grower called Spectrum. The Danish government gave green light about a year ago for some 4-year testcases and this year the permits ware instated by the Danish medicine agency Laegemiddelstyrelsen


Some Serious Weight

As stated before, The Aurora farm will be the biggest in the whole of Europe. It’s also located in Odense, on the island Funen. The total surface of the farm is going to be 1 million square feet, or according to the metric system, 300.000 square meters. 20% of this surface is supposed to be running in the 3rd quarter of 2018, followed by the rest end of 2019.

cam battley aurora cannabis medicine medicinal

Executive Vice President Cam Battley of Aurora, says the ‘superfarm’ will produce a stunning 120.000 kilo each year. “This is a huge amount for us!” he states proudly. The company Aurora, which is listed at the stock exchange, will receive 51% of the profits. Aurora hold the majority interest in the enormous company. The Danish are also excited about the deal. Tomato farmer Mads Pederson chears: “We are proud to be working with the worlds most important player in medicinal cannabis. Aurora focusses on quality and innovation and therefore matches our companies DNA!”

Aurora Cannabis listed on stock markets

Thanks to our friends from CNNBS for their inspiration and the Toronto Star for the pictures.

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