5 december 2019

Bestfriends Vondelpark

The most famous park of Amsterdam

The Vondelpark was created after a group of individuals around Christiaan Pieter van Eeghen, together with the construction company, bought an elongated strip of peat meadow area in 1864. A year later the vondel park was opened on 15 June 1865 under the then former name ‘Het Nieuwe Park’. The name Vondelpark comes from the poet and playwright Joost van den Vondel, whose statue was exhibited in 1867. What makes Vondelpark so beautiful is that you are surrounded by nature, the nice lawns are full of cozy people and there are many fun activities around and in the Vondelpark. That is why the Vondelpark is very well known among the people of Amsterdam. Many young and old often come here when the sun shines to enjoy the view and relax. This is also a major tourist attraction. Everyone can go anywhere they want in Vondelpark. the park therefore stands for freedom.

Vondelpark Amsterdam Bestfriends

Coffeeshops around Vondelpark

Vondelpark is located in the centre of Amsterdam. Around Vondel there are several coffeeshops. Some of these shops have been around for a while. What makes Vondelpark such a perfect place for a coffee shop other than its location in the center is that people often use the park itself to relax and have a smoke. The Vondelpark is also quite large and you can enjoy sunbathing, walking, playing football and other activities. That is why this park is a good example of a beautiful society. All cultures come together here, come to rest and enjoy nature. We at Bestfriends are very happy with our coffee shop next to the Vondelpark.

coffeeshop vondelpark cannacenter amsterdam best coffeeshops vondelpark

Vondelpark and Bestfriends

We are proud to say that we have a new coffee shop since 2018. The best thing about our Bestfriends coffeeshop is that we bring the community together and strive for a positive and healthy future. The Vondelpark provides a good vibe and a relaxed atmosphere and that is of course a plus that our shop is located right next to the Vondelpark. There are so many different people passing by with a different view of the world and we at Bestfriends always try to make sure that our visitors with a Bestfriends feeling leave our shops and go on in a positive way in life!

A number of coffee shops at the Vondelpark:
– Best friends
– Coffee shop findel
– Blue Lagoon
– The Price


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