10 februari 2016

Best Friends Cannabis Career Diploma

Best Friends got their Cannabis Career Diploma handed by Testlab Amsterdam and Trimbos Institute / Derosaspierings

As one of the first coffeeshops in the Netherlands to get the diploma,
Best Friends made sure their guys are certified cannaseurs.

This educational trail is started by the coffeeshop branche itself to improve the level of service to their costumers.
The branche is ready to take it to the next level and this is a big step towards the future.
Looking at some states in the USA, is like looking into the future. Legalization of Marihuana has started a mayor movement in the world of medicinal marihuana. Once again the profits of medicinal marihuana are being put to use, as they did since the early ages of mankind.



Marihuana is a beautiful product, however, it is not fair to close our eyes for the social problems it can trigger. Learning about the product and the substances it’s made of, gives solutions for social problems and frequently asked questions. The training of Cannabis Career also educates the students in how to treat their costumers and handle people who need a little help. That’s why Dennis de Rosa Spiering certified by Trimbos Institute developed a big part of the course.


Best Friends is proud and glad to be one of the first coffeeshops with this beautiful diploma and we hope many more will follow.

To all the Marihuana Lovers (and Haters) around the world we say this: ,,Educate yourself”


Much Love,

Coffeeshop Best Friends Amsterdam

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