Amsterdam Light Festival 2019

Amsterdam Light Festival
12 december 2019

Amsterdam Light Festival 2019It’s that time again! It is December and that means lots of parties, love and fun. Amsterdam is well known for dressing up the entire city in beautiful Christmas lights. The Amsterdam Light Festival started in 2012 and is over the years a recurring spectacle that the residents and tourists of Amsterdam are very enthusiastic about. You can certainly see this in the increasing number of visitors that has risen from 375,000 to 900,000+ over the past few years. Also, the canals of Amsterdam are beautifully lighted, and you can buy a ‘Cannel Cruise’ to sail through the beautiful and long canals of Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Light takes place around the end of the year, in the months of December and January. During this period, light art works and installations designed specifically for the occasion by contemporary (international) artists, designers and architects are exhibited in the city. It consists of two exhibitions, a water exhibition and a land exhibition.Amsterdam Light Festival 2019

About the land exhibition and water exhibition

For the land exhibition you can choose to walk with a tour guide who will also tell you all the facts about the exhibit or you can go out and enjoy the beautiful works of art on display with your family and/or friends throughout the city Centre.Amsterdam Light Festival 2019

Amsterdam Light Festival 2019Many cruise companies offer their services for the water exhibition around the end of November with an extra assortment, making it more interesting to make a cruise. Most companies are all about expertise and professionalism, which requires years of experience. For example, most of the time, fun facts are mentioned during the tour of important sightseeing. A tour usually consists of between 25 and 30 people and takes about 75 minutes. With one canal cruise you get several drinks and snacks for a fixed price during the canal cruise, but with another canal cruise company you can add some extra luxury to make it as pleasant as you want it to be. For example, you can dine on board where a highly rated chef prepares and presents your dishes with love, a love cruise with your loved one where the romance splashes away or even a pizza / burger tour where you can enjoy these delicacies together with friends and family!Amsterdam Light Festival 2019


The boats are also covered and heated so you’re sure to be comfortable. You can also get on board at several places in the Centre of Amsterdam. It is even so personalized that there are several languages spoken including English, French, German and some cruise companies also offer exotic languages such as Chinese. This may be via a headset, but many visitors appreciate it! About the price, most sightseeing trips cost between €18, – and €40, – euro, but the difference is of course how luxurious you want to make it yourself!

In short, a great opportunity to come to Amsterdam and enjoy this unique experience that is possible once a year. See you at the Amsterdam Light Festival!

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