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29 mei 2017

Amsterdam Coffeeshops .com review on Coffeeshop Best Friends

Our favourite coffeeshop site is no doubt amsterdamcoffeeshops. We’re proud to be reviewed by them. Although there is still is room for improvement, we still feel like they’ve got our Best Friends Feeling. So here it is friends:


Best Friends Coffeeshop is located in the Indische Buurt, or translated in English, “Indies Neighborhood”. This is a quiet largely residential community in the Eastern part of Amsterdam, known as a diverse cultural center that has been the subject of rapid revitalization. Though Best Friends is quite a large building from the outside, and does have a small lounge in the interior, at present they are operating as a a takeaway only shop.

While the logo of this coffee shop is not quite “P.C.” for these modern sensitive times, the management does seem to value an atmosphere of welcoming to all. On that note, you will typically find the staff here to be highly friendly and helpful, something we don’t comment on much given the individuality of people. However, here the vibe seems consistent and genuine.

Coffeeshop Best Friends Amsterdam

Best Friends coffeeshop offers a wide variety of both flower (weed) and hashish items. Further, their pricing tends to be more reasonable than those you will find at many shops in Amsterdam. While this is common outside the city center, as these establishments must cater to a more local clientele, we find their sister shop in the centre (Best Friends II) to also have a price-focused menu. As such, value, variety, and friendly service seem to be the hallmarks of this brand.

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