12 januari 2021

A cannabis legalization proposal for New York City

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo told that he has introduced a cannabis legalization proposal.

Despite the many challenges New York has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also created a number of opportunities to correct long-standing mistakes and build New York better than ever before,” said Cuomo in a press release “Legalizing and regulating the adult cannabis market not only provides the opportunity to generate much-needed revenue, but also allows us to directly support the individuals and communities who have been most harmed by decades of cannabis prohibition.

Although few additional details are available about the Governor’s plan, his office said it reflects “national standards and new best practices to promote responsible use, restricts the sale of cannabis products to adults 21 years of age and older, and establishes strict quality and safety controls, including strict regulation of the packaging, labelling, advertising and testing of all cannabis products”.

“Cannabis regulation also provides an opportunity to invest in research and provide direct funding to communities most affected by the ban on cannabis,” the announcement stated.

The promise to legalize cannabis in the otherwise quite liberal state and city looks like a recurring joke. We’ve been reading about it since 2012 and still it hasn’t come true. Last March 2020, it once again bounced off. Maybe finally this year. Bordering state New Jersey legalized as early as November 2020.

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13 mei 2020

Reggae Music

From classical to hip-hop, cultures have adapted to new styles time and time again producing the beloved musical pieces we enjoy today. One very unique music genre is Reggae

30 maart 2016

Weed nowadays in Slovenia

Slovenia The Republic of Slovenia has a long history of hemp and cannabis use, and has long been a transit point for cannabis grown in Albania and transported to western Europe. Currently, industrial hemp is widely grown, and consumption of cannabis itself is not criminalized.