18 april 2017

9 Reasons for women to smoke weed

This just in, more women are smoking weed than ever before. Perhaps viewed as taboo in the past, more women are breaking the glass ceiling and hitting that glass bong. More than just a hobby or one-time experience, women are discovering that weed is like our long-lost companion. After all, women derive the greatest benefits from cannabis use, as it seems to fit our unique needs like a glove.

1. It relieves symptoms of anxiety and stress

Women are twice as likely to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder than men, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Postpartum depression, pregnancy, hormonal changes and societal pressures are all to blame for this statistic. So, it’s only right that women would benefit from marijuana’s ability to induce relaxation and ease tension.

Researchers have found that cannabis has profound effects on the brain’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates anxiety and stress.

2. It can improve your sex life

Since cannabis decreases anxiety, it’s a great option for women who otherwise have trouble lowering their inhibitions or asking for what they need from a partner.

Weed has also been shown to heighten physical sensations and even strengthen orgasms by increasing blood flow. Weed can also enhance sexual creativity, leading to more experimentation or out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to stimulation.

3. It helps with weight maintenance

Despite cannabis’ reputation for giving most people the munchies, researchers are finding that regular weed consumers have lower BMI’s, smaller waist circumferences, a lowered risk of obesity and find it easier to maintain their weight.

As it turns out, THC stimulates our metabolisms and allows our bodies to better break down carbohydrates. Marijuana has also been linked to insulin regulation which helps the body eliminate its fat reserves.

4. Women get high faster than men

Studies have shown that women have an increased sensitivity to marijuana due to their production of estrogen. This is especially true during a woman’s ovulation period. Keep in mind, however, that women also build up a faster tolerance to marijuana overall.

5. It puts you to sleep

Women suffer more from insomnia than men, mostly due to hormonal changes and bodily reactions to stress. Men are likely to sleep excessively through times of stress, whereas women are more likely to experience sleep troubles.Marijuana’s ability to induce sleep is one of its best qualities, and for insomnia sufferers, it can be a blessing when compared to the effects and hazards of sleeping pills.

6. It alleviates PMS symptoms

This is a big one. PMS symptoms like bloating, migraines, period cramps, headaches, hot flashes, chills, irritability and sleep disturbances can all be alleviated by smoking weed.

Given the plant’s molecular similarities to estrogen, weed helps to stabilize hormones whereas OTC medications merely treat the symptoms. In fact, cannabis is so effective in relieving PMS that several medical cannabis companies are now creating products that specifically treat PMS and PMDD.

7. It can help to prevent or treat cancer

Cannabinoids offer anti-inflammatory and free radical protection benefits. When it comes to breast cancer, THC has been shown to kill cancer cells and inhibit tumor growth. THC also activates the body’s cannabinoid receptors which regulate cellular lifecycles.

Furthermore, weed also helps cancer patients cope with the pain of chemotherapy as well as reduce nausea and boost the appetite.

8. It may alleviate pregnancy symptoms

Cannabis use during pregnancy is an increasingly controversial subject, especially as legalization continues to sweep the U.S. While the use of any substances is not recommended during pregnancy, many women do report smoking weed to combat morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms.

9. It helps you enjoy life more

Women deal with so much in their personal and professional lives. It’s often a juggling act in which we give more to our families, friends and colleagues than we give ourselves. Smoking weed gives you a moment to stop, relax and enjoy life.

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