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11 mei 2017

11 Things stoners hate

Weed smokers are some of the most chill people you’ll ever meet. And for the most part, they are some of the happiest, too. But when it comes to their bud, they tend to get pretty annoyed when things get in the way of their time with Mary Jane. The two main ways to piss off a pot-smoker are to ruin their weed and their buzz. That’s not all, though. From wet blunts to storytellers, here are eleven things all pot smokers hate with a passion.


If you spill your own weed, then that’s on you. But if someone trusts you enough to hand you their stash, then you better not even think about spilling it.

2. People who overexaggerate their high

You know, those people that treat pot like acid. It’s just weed, man. Chill.

3. Wet blunts

If you’re guilty of doing this, then just stop now. Please. There’s nothing worse than getting a taste of someone else’s spit while hitting the blunt.

4. Storytellers

In case you don’t know what a storyteller is, a storyteller is a person that hogs the smoke while they proceed to tell a pointless story as if they’re the only ones trying to get high.

5. Being dankrupt

Running out of weed is heartbreaking, especially when you thought you had plenty. And what’s even worse is when you want to get more, but don’t have the money to do so.

6. When the bud man won’t answer the phone

You just smoked your last nug and have plans to smoke again later. But each time you try to reach your bud man, you get sent to voicemail. So much for getting high and binge watching The Office when you get home.

7. Being told that smoking is bad for you

Little do they know, smoking a little weed is way healthier than the beer they’re sipping on.

8. A clogged piece

Just as you were about to take a hit of the freshly packed bowl, you notice that you can’t. But you tried and ended up burning everything you put into it for nothing. Now you not only have to clean your pipe but you also just wasted some perfectly good pot.

9. Losing your stash

For the most part, weed-smokers keep a close eye on their ganja. But from time to time, a stash can wind up going missing. And when that happens, panic sets in immediately.

10. When the pizza delivery guy takes too damn long

The Dominos app said your pie would be ready in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, an hour has passed and still no pizza. Now, you’re officially pissed off.

11. Moochers    

There’s always that one person that thinks they can get high for free. Last time you checked, you don’t work to pay for other people’s pot. Unless they offer to smoke you up the next time, they need not expect a free smoke sesh from you.

Thanks to HERB.CO for the article. Love you guys!

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