29 november 2019

What can cannabis do for cancer patients?

So what is cancer?

Cancer, we’ve all heard of it and everyone has to deal with it in their lives. Cancer is a deadly disease that causes many complaints and problems in the body. The name of this disease scares everyone. In the Netherlands, approximately 116,000 people get cancer every year. That’s 13 people per hour. But what is cancer? Cancer is a collective name for bad growth processes in your body cells. What this means is that cells ensure that old and damaged cells are replaced by new cells, but when a mistake occurs in this cell division it leaves the body with cells that are not functional. These cells have the nasty habit that they continue to multiply and proliferate. These are cancer cells. Because the whole body consists of more than 1000 different cells, there are many types of cancer.


How can cannabis help cancer patients?

Cancer is usually treated in three ways, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.In addition, care cancer and some treatments for multiple symptoms such as chronic pain, cough and weight loss. With these symptoms medicines are written for painkillers, anti-hormones, Cyproteron, Octreotide and much more. So, if there are medicines, why cannabis? Well Cannabis consists of many canaboids the two knowns are CBD and THC. Where CBD does not have a psychotic effect, THC does, so these substances also have a different effect on the body. The two substances also have an interaction with each other so that CBD lowers the action of THC. Because of these properties, various tests are done against side effects of cancer. Then we went looking for more information and found GreenBridge Medical. A medical company that treats patients with cannabis in combination with traditional medicines. With various conditions and diseases including cancer and they say the following:

“People who suffer from cancer can benefit from whole plant cannabis. Cannabis, especially the cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), can help boost appetite, manage pain, treat nausea and vomiting, and treat the anxiety that goes along with fighting cancer”.

Green bridge has already treated many people and has many testimonials also they treat even more people with other diseases and disorders. The KWF also says that cannabis is effective for various complaints. So medicinal weed is largely used to reduce the side effects of cancer. We often see that people eat less and have a lot of pain. It is well known that cannabis stimulates appetite and relieves pain. What you also often see is that the medicines themselves are bad for organs in the body. Research has also shown that many people have died from painkillers. The advantage of cannabis is that it’s an organic plant. The use of medicinal cannabis might not be that bad. However, the question whether that “cannabis cures cancer” has not been proven. So, for now the plant only helps against the illness complaints of cancer.

Here the treatments of cannabis with cancer according to the KWF (cancer foundation)

  • Pain in cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatic arthritis and chronic bowel inflammation, Nausea, reduced appetite, slimming and weakening in cancer and AIDS.
  • Nausea and vomiting as a result of medication or radiation in cancer, HIV and AIDS
  • Muscle cramps and muscle twitching in multiple sclerosis and spinal cord damage
  • Prolonged nerve pain, such as damage to a nerve system, phantom pain, facial pain or chronic pain that persists after the cure of shingles.
  • Tics in Tourette’s syndrome
  • Therapy resistant glaucoma

Medicinal cannabis

People are given medial cannabis plant or liquid form. The medicinal cannabis has grown in such a way that it contains a constant amount of THC and / or CBD this also counts for the liquid such as CBD oil. Depending on the symptoms, a cannabis is prescribed. Also, people should take these in a healthy way so for example do not smoke with tobacco because tobacco causes cancer.


Medical marijuana



There are currently many studies and researches in progress into medicinal cannabis and cancer. What we know is that cannabis can certainly be effective in various complaints of cancer. It may also be a better solution than other medicines. However, the use of medicinal marijuana in the Netherlands is not very popular because it’s not prescribed that easy. But the demand is growing day by day. The full potential of this medicine has probably not yet been reached and the future has much more in store for this plant.

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