21 december 2021

UPDATE: WEED 6 Cannabis and Autism

At first, Joann Fouquette’s son, Ezra, was hitting all the milestones. It’s what every new mom hopes for: a happy, healthy baby.

But around 17 months, things started to change. He stopped speaking. He started covering his ears and hitting his head on the floor like something was bothering him.
Fouquette remembers her mom telling her, “I think we need to get him tested. There’s something definitely going on there.”
Five months later, in 2012, Ezra was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.
“It’s devastating,” she told CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “I’ve heard people compare it to like losing a child. You lose the idea of the child that you were gonna have, the life that you were gonna have, the life that he’s gonna have.”

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Written by
Natalie Angley


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