13 december 2019

Does Medicinal Cannabis Relieve PTSD Symptoms?

Stess from PTSDIn your life you will experience a lot and there will also be some less pleasant events that can cause short-term post-traumatic stress complaints. This is a normal reaction of your body to process the event so that you can move on, but for 10 percent of the people who suffer from it, the symptoms are more extreme and so it is more difficult to get rid of this. If that is the case, we talk about PTSD. This is what medicinal cannabis can mean for that purpose.

A post-traumatic stress disorder does not only occur in veterans who have experienced a lot during the war. Anyone can contract PTSD caused by mental and physical traumatic experiences. The National Centre for PTSD indicates that about 60 percent of men and 50 percent of women are affected by PTSD at some point in their lives. So these are quite a lot of people. However, it is a fact that this unpleasant condition (PTSD) is most common among war veterans.

PTSD summarised

When a person suffers from PTSD, this is the result of experiencing a traumatic event. Think of terrorism, murder, rape, a natural disaster or other violence. A number of jobs in which there is an increased risk of PTSD are: police officers, firefighters, soldiers or ambulance staff. They are more likely to have to deal with such events, which can sometimes lead to physical and / or mental overload.

PTSD manifests itself in experiencing unpleasant feelings and thoughts, anger, fear, loneliness, having flashbacks and nightmares about these events.

Our unique endocannabinoid system

This unique system consists of endocannabinoid receptors that make their way through our entire bodies. This unique system provides the connection between your own body and mind. It sends signals through your whole body that alert you and help to keep you healthy. If your health is endangered by external influences, this marvellous system can become unbalanced. The result can cause physical, mental or neurological problems. If it’s really bad, it can also occur as a combination.

Medicinal cannabis can make a contribution because the substances in cannabis, called cannabinoids, can support the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). The therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis are enormous; they work in a wide range of conditions. In PTSD patients there is a malfunction in the endocannabinoid system and cannabis can have a beneficial effect on the receptors.

The importance and role of cannabis

up to 2019, several studies have been conducted on PTSD and the effect of medicinal cannabis on PTSD. The studies show that cannabis has a positive effect on the symptoms associated with PTSD. By rebalancing the enodcannabinoid system with medicinal cannabis, therapy will be made easier and more effective.


At this moment there are a number of medicines that are given to PTSD patients. In a way, this medication helps to reduce the symptoms, but it also has side effects. Antidepressants are frequently used on PTSD patients to reduce their complaints. Unfortunately, this medication also causes the following side effects: nausea, vomiting, insomnia, tremor, sexual problems, causing high blood pressure, dry mouth, blurred vision, dizziness, weight gain and constipation. The same goes for the medication given against the fears and intense nightmares that these people suffer from. These drugs have an addictive effect with all its consequences.

More and more war veterans talk about how cannabis helps them to reduce their anxiety and how it helps them to sleep well.  It has also been discovered that the brain’s endocannabinoid system is related to memory; cannabis allows the patient to filter and relativize memories.

Highly effective strains which help relieve PTSD symptoms

Here are some effective strains of medicinal cannabis being described. These are relevant strains for someone who suffers from PTSD and can take advantage of it. In the end, it is a personal experience and there will certainly be several types of cannabis which also will have a positive effect.

It is also important to note that each type of medicinal cannabis has a unique effect on a patient. Although there is a belief that Indica strains are the best in terms of treatment, sativa strains or CBD products can also have a positive effect on the symptoms of PTSD.
A high CBD level is ideal for use with mood swings due to daytime tempering. Medical marijuana with a higher THC content is often favoured at night because it helps to get a good night’s sleep.

Here you can read about a number of effective strains:

G13 Haze Best Coffeeshop Best Friends Amsterdam

OG Kush
OG Kush is a very popular Indica-dominant hybrid strain used for PTSD, depression and mood disorders. This strain is effective for patients suffering from multiple PTSD symptoms because it supports both body and mind.
CBD: 0.2% – THC: 20-24%

Glueberry OG Best Weed Best Coffeeshops Amsterdam coffeeshop best friends


Blue Dream
This Sativa-dominant cannabis strain is a very popular strain among PTSD patients. In addition to providing mental stimulation, it also has calming relaxation all over the body. It supports you in making social contacts and also improves the mood after using this weed.
CBD: 0,1-0,2 % – THC: 17-24%

Strawberry Banana Kush Best Coffeeshop Amsterdam Coffeeshops best friends bestfriendsBlueberry
Blueberry is a powerful indica, this strain gives a happy and relaxed feeling. Blueberry also affects the appetite, which will increase. PTSD can literally deplete the body and mind and Blueberry is an indica that combats these debilitating symptoms and allows patients to experience relief from the prevailing tension that is so exhausting.
CBD: 7% – THC: 7%


Pineapple Express
Pineapple express reduces anxiety in patients. This cannabis strain has become famous because of the film of the same name, but this Pineapple Express helps people with PTSD in real life. It is known for its relaxing and anxiety inhibiting effect. The THC level in this plant is high, making many people more creative after using it.
CBD: 0.1% – THC: 20%

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