House Rules

Please respect the following rules:

  • ID required
  • No entrance under 18
  • No harddrugs or weapons
  • No Alcohol
  • No dealing in stolen good
  • Please leave the entrance free of obstacles

Please pay attention:

  • Double parked customers won’t be served
  • Mind the neighbours
  • Consumption obligated

Thank you for respecting our house rules.

Your Best Friends


6 september 2022

Medical Cannabis with Dr. Dani Gordon

Dr. Dani Gordon, a London based double board certified doctor and world leading expert in CBD, cannabis medicine and integrative medicine. We discuss: – The known benefits of medical cannabis...

4 augustus 2022

De toekomst is inclusief

The future is inclusive. Deze boodschap staat bij Best Friends de komende periode op de ramen van onze Cannacenters. ‘Alleen kan je niks, je moet het samen doen.’ Een inclusieve...