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Smoking a joint once in a while is to some of us our favorite moment of the day, but when is it too much? There are plenty of well knows facts about the risks of Cannabis, one of the more problematic ones being addiction. We from Best Friends are also aware of these risks. Thus we try to keep an eye on each other, to make sure the risks don’t beat the rewards.

The level of THC has risen throughout the years, therefore increasing the difficulty of quitting. Heavy smokers can experience classic withdrawal symptoms like sweating, shaking and/or agitated behavior. For some, emotional response needs to be rebalanced and retrained, wich is the more lengthy part of the process.

Once one decides to quit smoking, they must realize that only time and perseverance can stop addiction. By holding out through the stages of withdrawal, that person will be able to shape a healthy mindset that can accommodate for a life that can satisfy the needs impossible to satisfy while being addicted to cannabis. The hardest part of addiction is imagining life without the need for a smoke, without the emotional distress and without a heavy body, it often feels endless or hopeless. But be assured, it is definitely possible for anyone.

The most helpful thing to do while quiting is to stay busy. Sitting at home all day being bored out of your mind will be the hardest place to quit. Try to pick up activities outside of the house. Replace moments of being high with sports or social events, maybe something that has secretly been brewing all this time? Quiting should be a strong and hard comeback. More like a change of pace, something new to fight for, either mentally, physically or spiritually. Finding a place to help quit Cannabis is also always recommended, see the bottom of the page.

We try to take care of each other, so check on your friends if their still able to fully enjoy life without the hardships of addiction. Here is a page to help people to stay aware of some of the signs of addiction.

Common signs of addiction

  • Creating reasons to use
  • Using at or before improper moments (work, school, parenting)
  • Having financial trouble, signs are borrowing money
  • Frustration and agitation while being sober
  • Restless behavior while being sober
  • Emotional unbalance
  • Less hungry

Symptoms of cannabis addiction

  • Problems with health, relationship and finance
  • Withdrawal of social life
  • Thoughts of needing cannabis
  • Needing cannabis to relax and chill
  • Problems with short-term memory
  • Problems with concentration
  • Problems with your balance
  • Panic when reaching the final joint in the bag

Why quiting cannabis can be good for you

  • Having clearer thoughts
  • Less postponing and being more active
  • Better health
  • Improvement of short-term memory
  • Better performance at school and work
  • Less costs
  • Grow in duration of deep-sleep (real rest)

Who can help me quit cannabis?


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