Amsterdam is the Best, Friend

Amsterdam city is famous all over the globe for it’s free spirit. This makes it a popular tourist attraction. Amsterdam attracts people from all over the world. The old city centre with the beautifull canals and the historical houses grow on you once you’re here. Amsterdam is a small city which makes it easy to catch in a few days. Here are some reasons why you should come and visit:

Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Amsterdam is worldfamous for it’s policy on drugs. Unlike in other countries, you’re free to buy softdrugs in coffeeshops. The coffeeshops of Amsterdam are checked and taxed by the government. This way the government makes sure people can safely buy their weed and hash. Also it makes it harder for children up to 18 to buy softdrugs.

Cannacenter Best Friends

The Cannacenters of Best Friends are some of the best shops in town. Friendly service and gorgeous gear will make your day. Because Best Friends has a shop outside city centre, the prizes are different from what you’ll see anywhere else in the centre. This, combined with the best quality gear, will make you remember your Best Friends.

Amsterdam Shopping Districts

Because the Amsterdam centre is small and filled with gorgeous shops and boutiques, it’s one of the worlds best shopping districts. All the big designer brands, as well as numerous of small boutiques of starting designers are here. In the 9 straatjes district you’ll find the nicest boutiques with design clothing and starting talent. Best Friends is also located in the 9 straatjes district.

Amsterdam Musea

Amsterdam counts numerous of world famous musea. Who in the world hasn’t heard of the Van Gogh Museum? This is just one of the many beautiful artful experiences. We’ll name a few, just so you won’t be shy of Amsterdam ART. Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Eye Film Instituut, Scheepvaartmuseum, NEMO, Anne Frank House, FOAM, Tropenmuseam, Stedelijk museum, Hermitage, Madame Tussauds, Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum.

Amsterdams Canals

Canal at night in Amsterdam

Many people say Amsterdam is famous for it’s drugs policy. True, but it’s not the biggest attraction. We always say the canals are the biggest tourist attraction. Once you’re here and walking along the canals, you’ll get it. Somehow it creates a familiar and cosy environment. The terraces alongside the water invite both tourists and ‘amsterdammers’ for a bite and drink. Don’t miss this experience.

Amsterdam Red Light District


The RLD is world famous. People from all over the world come and visit this district and enjoy the incredible vibe. Some may say it’s immoral, but many praise Amsterdam for it’s openminded and smart solution for prostitution. All over the world prostitutes are forced into the underworld, far away from help and the eye of the law. Here in the RLD, the girls are in the open and subject to the normal dutch law and helping agencies. Next to the girls there are numerous of cafes and bars around. The RLD is big fun!

Amsterdam Party


Amsterdam is known for it’s free spirit. A great variety partyplaces is proof. All different music styles and clubs are here. Holland is known for the worlds greatest dj’s and that shows. Some of Best Friends’ favourite places are: Paradiso, Melkweg, Tolhuistuin, Bitterzoet, Jimmy Woo, Club Up, Canvas. One of the biggest parties in town is Kingsday April 27th, when all of Holland turns Orange.

All and All, Amsterdam is the place to be.

28 februari 2023

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19 januari 2023

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